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>>> email:   steve@stevenbschmidtmediation.com
>>> address:   IDS Center
80 South 8th St., Suite 900
Minneapolis, MN 55402

What Clients Are Saying:

“FYI, you are a great mediator, in so many ways! Thanks for helping so wonderfully with today’s mediation.”

“Laura, I wanted to thank you, and please thank Steve, for the amazing work you have done for me. I have a 100% settlement rate when I bring my cases to Steve – even the cases I thought would never in a million years settle. Please tell him he’s the greatest!”

“I write to sincerely thank you for your extraordinary efforts in assisting us in resolving our dissolution. You are truly an outstanding professional with obvious expertise as a mediator.”

“I so greatly appreciate what you have done for me today. The unknown of the settlement amount was what was the most stressful of all and to be able to put that behind me has been a godsend. I am at a level of peace this afternoon that I haven’t had for quite some time.”

“I also wanted you to know that I am grateful for your guidance and thankful for what was accomplished that day.”

What Judges are Saying:

“On behalf of the court, I thank you for your kind efforts to enable the parties to resolve these issues in an amicable and expeditious manner.”

“Steve Schmidt settles well in excess of 90% of the cases I refer to him. He is well-respected, efficient, and a delight to work with.”

What Family Law Professionals are Saying:

“Steve–nice job! I think everyone left reasonably happy–everyone “gave.”

“Once again, I want to thank you for your assistance with regard to the mediation. Your experience, insight and analysis were invaluable in this matter.”

“We went into mediation to resolve immediate temporary issues, but unexpectedly left with a mediated settlement of not only temporary but final parenting and financial issues.”

“Thank you for your help with the mediation last week.  Please pass on my thanks to Steve too.  He is a magician.  I went to a mediation with a less than stellar mediator (who came highly recommended and charges slightly less than Steve – you get what you pay for sometimes) recently and it made me appreciate how much Steve can get done in a short amount of time (for a lot less money in the end!)”